Ancient Civilizations

Though studying specific ancient sites is fascinating, it is important to also take a look at the big picture and study the ancient civilizations that built these incredible structures. It is interesting to see similarities throughout the years and even to our civilization today!

We have several articles that delve into the characteristics and details of different ancient cultures throughout history.

The Minoans: 

Part One: Proof of an Advanced Nature
Part Two: The Demise of the Minoan Civilization 
Part Three: The Minoans: Rejection of the Creator

The Harappans: An Attempt at Unity and Peace

Java: Exploring Commonalities and Counterfeits

The Inca: Masters of Cyclopean Masonry 

Egypt: The Great Pyramid: Enigma of the Ancient World

Malta: The Apostle Paul and the Ancient Island of Malta

The Mississippians: In Their Footsteps - Cahokia