Ancient Man and the Bible

All of our research into the topic of ancient man defends the authority of the Bible, God's inerrant Word. What we have discovered confirms the accounts written in the Scriptures including:

  • Man was created in the image of God: intelligent, emotional, and creative, with the ability to invent, appreciate beauty, and make music etc.
  • The catastrophic worldwide flood of Noah's day destroyed the entire earth and only Noah's family, and the animals on the ark with them, survived.
  • At the Tower of Babel mankind came together in universal rebellion against God and His authority and sought to make their own city, tower, and name. 
  • Civilizations across the world and throughout history revel in sin and rebellion against God. 
  • Biblical narratives of men like Adam, Noah, and Joseph are all true historical accounts of people that God interacted with through time. 
We have written several articles that directly address Biblical characters, themes, or topics. 

Christian life: 

Satan's Distortions: 

Biographies of Ancient Man:

The Bible and the Stars: