Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Heaven's Counterfeited!

By Danae Styles

Flammarion Woodcut depicting a flat earth with a curious traveller peaking out into the world beyond. 

The night sky has captured the hearts and minds of mankind since the beginning of time. It is great and unknown, challenging human intellect and imagination. Perhaps this is because “the heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands” (Psalm 19:1-2 emphasis added). That glory is a beautiful mystery to man; he desires to know it and understand it. And so the he lifts his eyes to the night sky and ponders...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

La Bastida: Europe’s Most Formidable City

 By Matthew Zuk

Artist's depiction of La Bastida

La Bastida, recently discovered, is among the oldest cities found in Europe.[1] The city is one of the most noteworthy ancient sites found in recent years and is incredible proof of ancient man’s highly advanced and developed society. Archaeologists have discovered many characteristics of the city that lend significance to this site including the military aspect of the fortress, the incredible architectural achievements, and its location and influences.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Babel is Not Gone

By Jacob Brockmann

Artist's concept of the tower of Babel

We recognize many commonalities between the religious and cultural systems of ancient people, but what significance does that have to us today?

We can see the influence of Satan's counterfeit throughout the world of long ago, and this can be a powerful demonstration of the influence that Babel (also called Babylon) has had in our culture. But what kind of Babylonian influence would we find if we looked around ourselves now?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"Cruising" through Mayan Ruins

By Caleb Berumez

Setting Out

On the morning of December 5th, 2010, fifty-five individuals from all over the United States left a hotel in Miami and headed down to the dock where they boarded a ship bound for the Yucatan Peninsula.  The first Jackson Hole Bible College Ancient Man Cruise was underway.

Pastor Don Landis of Community Bible Church opened our first full day of sailing with a morning chapel service.  It was quickly decided that, while beautiful, the Skylight Chapel on the highest deck amplified the motion of the ship.  The conference room we had been provided with (near the center of the ship) was set as our future meeting room for subsequent chapels.

Later that morning and in the afternoon, Pastor Don and Mike McCurdy gave lectures on the research that was being compiled by the Ancient Man Project.