Monday, November 13, 2017

Naragansett Runestone

My parents and I took the 2 ½ hour trip from our house in Massachusetts to Newport, Rhode Island to see the Newport Tower. I remembered that the Narragansett Runestone was in the area so we stopped to see it before heading to Newport.

The Narragansett Runestone is located in Wickford (which is in North Kingstown), Rhode Island. The stone was moved from its original location “in the intertidal zone of Narragansett Bay just south of Pojac Point in North Kingstown, at 41O38.90N and 71O24.48W” (according to a kiosk at the rune stone) to an area behind Old Library Park next to the Town Hall Annex, in Wickford off of Brown Street. This will save it from the tidal erosion.

It was neat to see the runestone in person after reading about it online and in books. For the most part, the rune writing is carved maybe 1/2” deep into the rock and fades out at the right side of the sentence due to water erosion. As far as I know, nobody knows what the stone says even though there are recognizable runes that can be interpreted like the first three runes, the s, h, r, and a runes.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Olmec Origins

The Olmec and a Biblical Perspective of Ancient History

By Bethany Youngblood
When I was a child, we would sit together as a family and watch documentaries about ancient history. My parents would mute or forward through places where the narrator talked about certain things; ideas about history that were secular. The Bible did not talk about that stuff, so young ears did not need to hear about it. But a young mind starts to connect the dots, begins to wonder why the only way to look at ancient history is from a perspective that doesn’t agree with the Bible. As I got older, I realized that the realm of interpreting ancient history has been largely left up to the Non-Christian crowd. This passive acceptance of a secular worldview is hindering Christians in their understanding of history. Instead of seeing God’s special design for mankind, we get lost in the popular speculation that ancient man was less intelligent or less capable than we are today. Adopting a Biblical worldview when looking at ancient history is something every Christian should consider. If Christians were to peel back the layers of secular speculation and get at the realities of ancient man, they would see that everything secular historians present as evidence fits perfectly within a Biblical model.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pompeii: The Underbelly of the Ruins

By Bethany Youngblood

Photo: Sophie Hay (

We know that Pompeii was the site of one of the most memorable losses of life in the ancient world. But was it merely a natural disaster without cause? Could a literal writing on the wall shed light on what this doomed culture was like before it was buried alive? Is it possible that their own actions brought on the consequence of judgment just like the biblical cities of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Monday, February 29, 2016

Babel in the Backyard

In the wake of the publishing of The Secrets of Ancient Man the Ancient Man Team is gearing up for round three in the ancient man series! We're excited about the addition of new team members and the new research we have already uncovered and started to sift through. To give you a little glimpse into what we are up to these days, check out what one of our researchers has to say about joining the team...

Monday, February 1, 2016

An Ancient Man Surprise...

By Don Landis

Pastor Don Landis is the general editor of both The Genius of Ancient Man and The Secrets of Ancient Man. On a recent trip down to an Answers in Genesis board meeting, Don and his wife Bev stumbled across an unexpected ancient man site...

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Secrets of Ancient Man

Hello from the Ancient Man Team!

We realize that our online presence has been rather lacking for quite some time - but we are not gone! In fact, in the months of our absence, we have been hard at work! Our new book, the fruit of much labor, meetings, prayer, research, writing, editing, rewriting, more prayer, and more meetings, is about to be released!

Secrets of Ancient man, Ancient man, rebellion, ruins, cover

We are so excited about this next installment in the Ancient Man story. In the new book, you will find lots of intriguing and fascinating info about ancient cultures, cities, people and artifacts - all the things you loved about Genius. We've added more detail and more depth and some of our favorite evidences of God's design. Secrets is set up chronologically so that you can trace the history of ancient times more clearly as civilizations rose and fell throughout time.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Hunab Ku: Were the Mayans Monotheistic?

By Bethany Youngblood

Introduction to Hunab Ku

Hunab Ku is a Maya deity whose name means "The Only God".[1] It seems strange to find such a thing in the Maya pantheon, but there it is. Is this monotheism? Did the Maya have a belief in an all-knowing creator god? Could this be the trump-card example for ancient knowledge of God within the Maya civilization? There are so many opinions out there about what Hunab Ku was, but what are the facts? What are Christians supposed to make of it?