Monday, December 17, 2012

Don Landis on Creation Conversations!

Pastor Don Landis, author of The Genius of Ancient Man, was invited to be the expert on Creation Conversations website for 2 weeks! We have been thrilled with the great opportunities to share more about the research of ancient man. Don has been able to answer some great comments and questions! Here's one comment from Cheri A. Fields we'd like to share with you all:
"What a thrill to be able to talk with you Pastor Landis.  I devoured your book as soon as it arrived and am very pleased with the scope and tone of your handling. The pictures are great as well. A number of the axioms JHBC uses are so good I would like to use them on my blog with credits, please.Are you guys collecting material for any more books? I've been having fun sorting through what we know about the ancients and presenting things in a careful way myself.  My favorites are the farming terraces on every continent because there aren't occult overtones to their mastery of raised bed gardening!"
Read the full comment and more comments here.

Praise the Lord for how He is using this for His glory!

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The Genius of Ancient Man team

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