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The Foundation of "The Genius of Ancient Man"

JHBC Jackson Hole Bible College campus
Jackson Hole Bible College Campus

First of all, we’d like to thank all of our readers of The Genius of Ancient Man and this blog. We’ve been on quite the adventure over the past three years and we’ve been so blessed to watch God spread our book around the nation and use it for His purposes. 

Hearing all the positive reviews from our readers, how Genius has impacted and influenced people in some way is mind-blowing. We are praising God continually for using us in this way to spread His truth and we are excited about the different opportunities that are opening to us as time goes on.

Behind the Scenes: Jackson Hole Bible College

We wanted to take a moment to tell you all more about the college behind the book. Without Jackson Hole Bible College (JHBC), The Genius of Ancient Man would not have been written. Not only did God use the college to bring together the team of researchers, writers, editors, and coordinators who contributed to the book, He first used it to build a Biblical foundation and worldview in each of the team members. This foundation, so elemental to The Genius of Ancient Man, is what inspired the book in the first place. Our complete reliance on the authority of God’s Word and our great desire to give a defense of our faith is what pushed us onward to get this information out to the world, to use what gifts God has given us to glorify Him.

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Jackson Hole Bible College is a unique institution offering a one-year Biblical foundations program that is focused on practical creation apologetics. JHBC’s mission is to give a schematic overview of God’s Word in a regular two-semester school year. By using a modular, “single-subject-in-sequence” teaching format, students have the opportunity to learn from Bible scholars from around the nation (see our list of professors) and focus solely on one topic at a time. Our program is packed with variety of courses from hermeneutics to evangelism, Old Testament history to philosophy, geology to prophecy.

JHBC teaches the genius of ancient man?

Those of you who really enjoyed our book may be interested to know that several of our courses are directly connected to the material presented in The Genius of Ancient Man.

Joy of Learning 

The school year begins with a short class called “The Joy of Learning” in which Pastor Don Landis teaches the foundational Axioms of the college. These Axioms, found on pages 98-104 of Genius are defined by Pastor Don as facts that should be well understood and widely accepted truths.Unfortunately many Christians today have not even heard many of these concepts, never-mind know them as fact. And so the year begins with basic foundational truths that continue to be built upon throughout the year. If you would like a sampling of this course, the first hour of class is available as a video download on our website video store

The Two Kingdoms

The “Two Kingdoms” class teaches much of the material that is presented in the Genius of Ancient Man. Students learn that there are only two kingdoms in the world, two religions, two authorities, that each person lives in and under. They learn to plot the Biblical timeline of history beginning with creation and the fall and continuing through the flood and the tower of Babel. Pastor Don teaches students all about the intelligence of ancient man and how this fits into the Biblical records.


The year ends with two intense weeks of apologetic teaching. At JHBC we teach presuppositional apologetics (just as we focus on in Genius). Students learn that everyone has a starting point and a bias according to their worldview. Pastor Don focuses on the postmodern world of today and how to reach out apologetically in defense of God’s Word to a society that rejects absolute truth. Other classes taught by professors such as Ken Ham, Michael Oard, and Dr. David Menton from Answers in Genesis also provide students with more apologetic material throughout the year.

These are just a few of the many courses that give students a strong foundation and biblical worldview that they will build upon long after they leave campus. JHBC aims to provide students with a high view of Scripture and the ability to apply its truth to their lives.


If you are interested in more information or in attending Jackson Hole Bible College, or know someone who may be, please visit our website: or email us at

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