Monday, February 1, 2016

An Ancient Man Surprise...

By Don Landis

Pastor Don Landis is the general editor of both The Genius of Ancient Man and The Secrets of Ancient Man. On a recent trip down to an Answers in Genesis board meeting, Don and his wife Bev stumbled across an unexpected ancient man site...

"On our way to the Answers in Genesis board meeting in October we stopped by Minneapolis to visit our granddaughter and her husband.

One night on the way we stayed at a motel in Luverne, Minnesota.  When checking in we noticed a large photograph capturing a scene of a fence-line of rocks.  I read the caption and was surprised to read that it said these rocks line up with solstice!

We learned that the fence of rocks was located in Blue Mounds State Park in the southwest corner of Rock County, Minnesota and only about a mile and a half from where we stayed.

The park preserves the 1250-foot-long (almost a quarter mile)  line of rocks aligned by the Plains Indians which marks where the sun rises and sets on the spring and fall equinoxes[1].

Solstice and equinoxes are an important astronomical alignments and all over the world, ancient man has aligned countless structures to sunrise on these dates. We believe this commonality is an evidence of the scattering of the religion that may have started at the Tower of Babel.

On the heels of the publishing of our second book, we have already assembled a new Ancient Man team that is meeting and doing research on anomalies, out of place artifacts (ooparts) and ancient man evidence right here in the United States.

So far our research is overwhelming! There are hundreds of sites! 

The Bible continues to be confirmed by the team research showing the intelligence and commonality of ancient man not only in distant places around the world but here in the U.S. as well.  I know you will be looking forward to seeing for yourself the results of the research and collection of data by our team at Jackson Hole Bible College.

God's word is true, He created man in His image (intelligence included) and Babel really existed and was scattered by God (commonality of cultures all over the world) and it is exciting to be finding the evidence right in our back yard!"

Have you found any interesting ancient man sites near you? We'd love to hear about them and add them to our list! Let us know in the comments or send us an email! 

Read about more solstice-alignment and archeoastronomy: 



  1. These books you've compiled are fantastic; I so appreciate that you cover so much information, & that there are so many illustrations & photographs. They are a huge help to point students to when I teach Creation Science at homeschool co-ops.
    Looking forward to your next work!!

  2. This is great! With geology, North America is over represented compared to the rest of the world, but not with these early artifacts.
    I assume you already are checking into the collection s8nt has put together, and don't know of any more, except for possibly the terraces of the Hopi out west, which are extremely hard to date. Farming terraces are my favorite early architecture because unlike most, they aren't connected to false religion.
    Thanks again for providing us with a safe place to investigate these fascinating relics of our past!