Monday, February 29, 2016

Babel in the Backyard

In the wake of the publishing of The Secrets of Ancient Man the Ancient Man Team is gearing up for round three in the ancient man series! We're excited about the addition of new team members and the new research we have already uncovered and started to sift through. To give you a little glimpse into what we are up to these days, check out what one of our researchers has to say about joining the team...

                                   “Like the city that nurtured my greed and my pride,
                                   I stretched my arms into the sky
                                   I cry Babel, Babel, look at me now
                                   For the walls of my tower they come crumbling down”
                                               Excerpt from “Babel,” written by Marcus Mumford

Although Marcus Mumford may not have the same purpose in mind as we do when we talk about this ancient city, his song definitely portrays how the ideas of Babel have lingered in society throughout history. Whether man does this knowingly, or from an innate desire to “make a name for themselves,” he has undoubtedly followed this trend throughout history. Babel symbolizes a permeating motivation, a driving force behind the actions of man, and we therefore expect to see its trail of ideological residue throughout cultural history.

Everywhere we look – whether in our history books or in our archeological explorations – we see the evidence of a world-culture obsessed with the three main tenets of Babel’s ideology: to develop unity, a universality of religion, and to raise humanity above God. This is because when God scattered the people from Babel, they carried with them the ideas and ideologies that first flourish at the Tower.

Joining the Team

Exploring these ideas is what first interested me in the Ancient Man Project. My first encounter with Genius was when I visited my sister at Jackson Hole Bible College and learned that some of her classmates would be staying on campus to do research for what they called the “Ancient Man Project.” That was when I knew I wanted to be a part of this. Some years later, in my own year at JHBC, I was blessed to be asked by Pastor Don Landis to join the Ancient Man Team. God has led me from my first expressed interest in Ancient Man so many years ago, to now, where I am living on campus and working full-time on research. It has been incredible to see the process of how the Lord works to accomplish His will for me and how He has brought me here.

Right in our backyard…

Despite the fact that we are still in the preliminary stages of our research, I have already learned so much from being a part of this wonderful team. One of the many things that has surprised me is the sheer volume of evidence of Babel and the genius of ancient man that we have right here in America. The abundance of significant indicators revealing the intelligence of ancient man and his relation to Babel is staggering. Currently we are working on simply compiling a master-list of information and resources that could be helpful for book three, and it is overwhelmingly impressive. The extraordinary length of the list can sometimes feel daunting, but it is also incredibly encouraging to know that there is such significant data in support of our beliefs, right here in our backyard.

"America's Stonehenge"- New Hampshire

Of late I have been researching stone chambers in the New England area. It is amazing to see the ingenuity involved in the construction, and sometimes alignment (with solar, lunar, or stellar events) of these stone structures. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that archeologists and historians do not study these sites more - they present such a unique glimpse into the lives of their makers! It seems to point to the idea that the data that does not conform to a certain worldview must either be reinterpreted or ignored by its proponents. If only people would consider that their preconceived notions about the origins and nature of man might need to be adjusted!

This is simply man showing himself to be ever striving in the shadow of Babel,  the city that nurtured my greed and my pride...” and they cry “Babel, Babel, look at me now” without ever realizing that  the walls of my tower they come crumbling down.” God will have the ultimate victory, and I am honored and excited to be a part of this project as it spreads that message.

 By Z. C. Opsal

Join the research team from YOUR own backyard! 

Have you heard of any ancient sites near you? Have you ever investigated your local area for out-of-place artifacts or anomalies? We invite you to join us in our search and start digging into America's ancient history right where you live. We'd love to hear about what you find! Leave us a comment or send us an email through the form on the sidebar.

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